I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Daytrip for free!

Too many times I think parents seem to imagine that children can only have a good day out of we’ve spent a fortune on entry tickets, fast food lunches and hyperactivity inducing sugary drinks.

Living life with 4 children, all of whom are at that expensive growing out of their clothes age, where school trips every other week are the norm, means that we often have to consider our budget carefully.

So, yesterday on a moderately warm Sunday afternoon, while my husband was at work and my Mum prepared a roast dinner, Dad and I took the boys to the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Rhyl.

Normally associated with beaches, DSS flats, drunks and generally not very nice locations, Rhyl has this amazing oasis in the middle.

This is Jack, Luke, Jacob and Oliver enjoying the swings, gardens and a bizarrely overflowed pond. Check out those fish who were happily swimming to their limit and back into the depths again!











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