I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

I really don’t get the point of these things. Puffed carrot sticks that look like cheesy wotsits, and energy type fruit bars as a healthy alternative.

Call me old fashioned but if you want your child to have a carrot, give them a carrot and expect them to eat it!

I’m of the opinion (right or wrong doesn’t matter!) that if you’re going to give a child a treat, just give them the treat. Why make it a healthy option?

I must be a marketer’s worst nightmare. None of this baby biscuits nonsense or healthy snack business. Give them a piece of fruit and let that be it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do allow my children sweets and crisps, but not every day.

I feel that they appreciate the treat more because it’s sporadic and they never know when I’m going to offer them a treat!

Mind you, I do understand that there are some extreme fussy eaters out there who would no more eat a green bean than they would a lump of coal, so I suppose anything is better than nothing…

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