I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

The Washing Pile

What is this monstrous beast that grows in the corner of our bathroom?

Every day, it is removed, but by the next morning, it’s there again.

Pants, socks, t-shirts, jeans….

Why is it that men and boys find it impossible to wear something more than once?

I’m not talking underwear. There are some males who happily wear their grots for more days than should be legal (fortunately not mine!)

I’m talking jeans, trousers, shorts, jumpers.


I will happily wash socks, boxers, t-shirts every day, but why do I have to wash 5 pairs of trousers everyday?

Okay, so the youngest missed his mouth when he was trying to master the art of fork to mouth at dinnertime, but the husband? No need for him to have slopped!

But then there are the 2 older boys who are too cool to wear t-shirts that don’t ‘go’ with their jeans or trousers, so that lot goes in the wash….

I worked out once that between the 6 of us, including sheets, tea towels, bibs and a n other sundries, we can have in excess of 20 loads a week.

No wonder taking a day off to go shopping means that I’m playing catchup for the next 4 days

See you on the other side, I went shopping yesterday and my husband gave the children ice lollies for afternoon snack….

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