I'm a Mother not a Martyr…


I don’t know about you, but I’m completely addicted to pinterest right now.

Despite working in the beauty industry, I rarely look at the Hair and Beauty boards, though I do check out one or two specific boards of friends and colleagues.

It’s the Diy/Crafts, Kids and Holiday boards that do it for me.

We’re planning a frugal Christmas this year, in terms of gifts. Having left home 20years ago, I have more than enough decorations, but gifting gets expensive.

Not including my own children, we have:

1 godson
2 godson’s brothers
2 godson’s parents
2 husband’s nephews
1 husband’s sister
1 husband’s brother in law
2 husband’s parents
1 my nephew
1 brother
1 sister in law
2 parents
6 school friends (boys are allowed to choose 2 friends each that I’ll let them give gifts to)
20 teachers, assistants, crossing ladies, Nursery group leaders etc.

We don’t exchange withy eldest brother and his (older) children. He has 18 nephews and nieces, it must get very complicated!

And because I adore giving gifts, it can become expensive.

I have started buying small bits for my boys, putting them away, but I want to do a proper homemade Christmas this year!

My only problem is the lack of basic craft cupboard supplies…

I used to make cards, but long ago sold or gave away everything potentially useful…

So my Christmas on the cheap is already getting a little expensive.

On the upside I can tick off my to-buy list the following:

Glue gun
Glue gun sticks
Flat glass beads
Favour boxes
Glass jars

Hmmm this will get costly as I still need about 100 test tubes, paper punch, tape and ingredients….

Oh help me now!!!

Martha Stewart I ain’t, but I can channel her energy. Right?

Updates will follow…

S x

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