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Rainbow Biscuits


Easy Rainbow biscuits cooked in cake tins.

I love baking with my children. It’s a great opportunity to experiment, make food on the cheap and a wonderful way to entertain them.


I have this great recipe for Snickerdoodle biscuits that we adapt, depending on which child is baking with me.

Luke’s are usually coloured blue and renamed SnickerLukerDoodles. Jack’s are rolled in coloured sugar, renamed SnickerJackaDoodles….

This one however gets the multicoloured treatment!


We also make the whole lot in an old style mixer with a cutting blade, with very good reason.

I want the mixture to be quite ‘wet’ and this method really heats up the butter.


As you can see, it’s quite sloppy!

After this, divide it into bowls, as many as you want depending on the number of colours you’re planning!


Top Tip. Use colouring paste or gel, not liquid. The paste doesn’t change the consistency of the dough, so you can make the colours as bright as you like.  Try an eBay search for Squires. The brand makes a huge range.

I like to use cake pans. Regular size that most of us have in the back of a cupboard.  I do this because I’m hopeless at judging the spacing on a baking sheet and end up with a big mess!

The ones I have are non stick, so no extra greasing.


Dollop marble sized blobs of each colour haphazardly into each well, don’t bother shaping, they’ll sort themselves out while cooking, and bung in a 200 degree oven for 8 mins (fan) or 10 mins for regular.


After they’re done, leave for about 10 mins then very gently loosen the edge with a rubber tipped palette knife and they should gently twist out.


Easy Rainbow biscuits cooked in cake tins.

Leave til cold and you will have a cake-biscuit that is crunchy on the outside, soft inside, and the perfect size!


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