I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

A child’s question…

With 4 children under 10, and more books in the house than the average library, it’s inevitable that I get asked ‘what does this word mean Mummy?’ on a multiple daily basis.

My 7 year old is a real bookworm and will read anything, anywhere.

Trips to the library mean that he’s read the bulk of the book in the car on the way home.

However, no-one ever told me I’d become a walking, talking thesaurus when I became a mother…

And no-one ever told me that my brain power would be challenged on a daily basis.

Today’s question?

‘What does triumph mean’

That was harder than expected to explain! I think we take our knowledge for granted, forgetting that we probably challenged our own mothers in a similar way when we were sponge-like children.

Anyone else had a random question of the day from their child?


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