I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Does anyone else find social networking a less than fun part of their ‘job’?

Anyone who has an online presence,  be they owners of blogs, dot coms, creatives, we all know the power of social networking, but at times it can feel like a bind as well as other times being an all consuming life-take-over.

I’m very aware that I have a classic up and down relationship with social networking.

I go through phases of never being far from my phone and it’s many apps and being almost constantly networking, to other times of having almost zero interaction whatsoever.

I suppose, some of it lies in how busy my offline life is. Blimey, I have 4 children who are my priority, so I can be excused, but there are other times when I’ll mentally whack my head against a virtual  brick wall when I read yet another tweet of how fabulous it is that such and such as #FFd them, or the 20th tweet about the same product that’s clearly on a campaign drive.

And equally, my own home life is crazy enough to not want to read about other people’s problems on Facebook!

But there are also times when I merrily pile into any conversation going on Twitter, and will retweet self declared praise when someone is so clearly chuffed to bits about something that’s happened.

More often these days though, I’ll retweet or Like a Facebook status. I’ll heart an instagram image or repin on pinterest.

I don’t want to be that token interacter who doesn’t comment, but often I don’t feel I have anything useful to add or anything worth saying, so while I may appear to be quiet, it’s because I’m finding a balance between not letting social networking become another forced upon part of my job, but a pleasurable perk to it!

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