I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

There are days when you wonder just why you bothered helping people in the past.

When you bend over backwards to help and support people who you class as friends, giving them guidance, moral support and shoulders to cry on.

I rarely let on what happens in my private life. Apart from it being ridiculously boring and unexciting, I just choose not to share personal emotions.

However, twice in the last 5 years, fairly major events have taken place, both times I really needed the love and support of friends and both were well ‘publicised’ so to speak.

The first time, pre Twitter, I was left floundering and to go it alone.

The second time, the people who I thought were closest to me couldn’t be bothered to text, email, offer support of ANY description.
Twitter friends? People I’ve never met? People who know very little about me beyond my bio page?

They sent waves upon waves of overwhelming love, support and encouragement.

I had a conversation with someone not that long ago, pondering this phenomenon, and she said it was because I didn’t ‘like’ various pictures on Facebook of these friends children, and didn’t daily check to see what they were doing…


So, I’m left wondering if all the things I’ve done over the years that aren’t documented in Facebook don’t count.

Apparently not!

I’ve never said ‘gah I’m in crisis, send me hugs and texts and messages’ and to be honest, at both previously mentioned times, I didn’t even notice it then. But as the dust settles and you think back, you wonder just where were the supportive messages of people you’ve constantly supported and encouraged over the years?

So today, I’m feeling cheesed off and a bit sorry for myself.

However, as always, I’ll bounce back. Always have before, and no doubt, one or all of my boys will do something dippy to make me laugh, and all will be well in the world again.

Happy Sunday, hope yours is cheery!

S x

Comments on: "Reminded that everyone isn’t like me." (2)

  1. I know wgat you mean, some people you thought were very close surprise you and people who you have never met can be so kind.

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