I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

For a few friends who’ve asked, this is the list of all our advent activities.

But if you’re watching on Facebook for the daily picture updates, click off now!

Link for how to make the calendar here!






Make paperchains (2×12 scrapbook paper strips and double sided tape)
Make snowglobes (these were jars, dolls house trees and epsom salts, no actual liquid)
Make Bunting (scrapbook paper cut into triangles, stuck to raffia twine)
Enjoy a twinkling light bath
Decorate Christmas cupcakes
Decorate the playroom
Set up a hot chocolate bar
Write Christmas cards
Go shopping with grandparents for presents for mum and dad
Have a Christmas disco, dancing to carols and Christmas pop songs (set tree lights to flash mode!)
Make mince pies with Nanna
Make gifts for teachers (we’re making tealight holders from tuna cans and clothes pegs, post to follow!)
Make glittery baubles (polystyrene balls, pva glue, glitter)
Go out for evening dinner
Make Christmas cookies
Have posh meal at home, best clothes, candle light, napkins etc
Deliver Christmas cards
Do something nice for someone (not family)
Give gifts to teachers
Go and see a Christmas display (Jackson’s in Trelawnyd for local friends!)
Go out for a night time drive to see the lights
Watch a Christmas movie
Have a picnic under the Christmas tree
Open a special box. (Christmas Eve, will have new pyjamas, movie, popcorn etc to watch after bath!)

It took some time to coordinate with my husband’s shifts, the boys school events and my parents commitments (they’re doing the shopping and the mince pies) and taking last minute work bookings has meant a couple of reshuffles, but all the boys from 9 year old down, have enjoyed it.

They haven’t missed chocolate calendars, and each morning at breakfast, they’re desperate to know what each day’s activity is!

Hope it’s useful!

And thank you lovely Pinterest for the various activity ideas!


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