I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Homemade Fuzzy Felt

Did you know that felt sticks to felt?

No I didn’t either…

I know the story behind how fuzzy felt came into being; how a munitions worker used to give her children scraps of felt from work to stick to the back of table mats,  but I’d never tried sticking it to itself!

However, a trip to hobbycraft in November prompted a spur of the moment purchase of a pack of A4 felt. I had no plan in mind what I was going to do with it, beyond something with the boys.

What popped in to my head, the night before a meal with my inlaws was this!


I made a tree template, cut the trees and then the wooden ‘bucket’ and a random selection of ‘boxes’ and ‘ribbons’.

It was a real hit, and has been out again today. Even my Mum had a go!



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