I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Tonight at tea, my two eldest sons were telling us about their first day back at school.
Sadly the conversation was dominated by them telling me about how a (regularly aggressive) boy in Jack’s class (year 5, aged 9) had whacked Luke (year 3, aged 7) because Luke had caught him during a game of tag.

This boy walloped Jack in the face on his first day at school in the reception class when he was just 4 years old, and still attacks now.

Aside from not being told by the school, and I will be telephoning them tomorrow, they went on to tell me how Luke is regularly picked at by the year 6 boys and one or two from year 5.

I regularly role play scenarios with my children in how to stand up to bullying; I give them phrases to say and make them practice on me. I explain how these bullies will amount to very little in their adult lives, and that even though I was bullied at school, I’m a strong and successful woman now, and doing a lot better than they are.

I’m quite disappointed that the playground staff didn’t intervene, though Jack and 2 of his friends, JJ and CJ should be proud of themselves, and I will be telling their mums that they should be very proud of the maturity their 9 year old sons showed when looking after a very upset and in-pain Luke.

I am a strict mother, in that I don’t tolerate the boys winding each other up, and they know that they would be in phenomenal trouble if I ever found out they were bullying others.

I do guide my children in who they should be friends with, as I said in yesterday’s post, it’s mine and my husband’s responsibility to grow our children. The friends that Jack has are a delight and a pleasure to be around, and they are very kind to include Luke when his classmates dismiss him from their games (an ongoing battle we’ve had since he started school).

But if I ever hear that this child has put his hands on any of my children again, I will be taking things as high as possible.

The school is bound by so much red tape and bureaucracy that it’s ridiculous. They do what they can, with hands tied, but sometimes things go too far, and after hearing of the latest craze of ‘dragging’ (pinning the victim’s arms behind their back then dragging them along the ground), and something Luke has had done to him repeatedly apparently, I think there needs to be some stronger action taken

Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions or advice?



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