I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Routine. I love it!

I’m like a child.  Children thrive on routine, it keeps their wibbly wobbly world balanced and keep tantrums at bay.

I’m the same. As long as I know what time to get up, what days to change the bed linen, which days I’m cooking certain food, then I too am tantrum free!

Christmas, much as I love it, did throw that right out the window. Not that I expressed myself in tantrum format, but I did get a bit twitchy when the washing seemed to pile up, and though it was fabulous that the children never woke before 9am, I felt like I never properly got going in the morning.

So it’s back to 6.45am alarm clocks, bed changing on a Wednesday, uniforms washed and away on a Sunday and no more back-to-back meals of left over meat and salad!

And I feel so much better for it!

Once I’m past the weekend, I’ll have caught up on all my domestic duties and it’s back to work on the website.

Do you like routine? Do you hate routine? Or do you do certain things on certain days?

S x

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