I'm a Mother not a Martyr…


I’m very lucky that my husband is a man that can fix most things.

I don’t ever remember a time when we’ve needed to send a car in to the garage for anything other than a service or MOT.  If it needs work doing to it, he’ll do it himself.

Just last week, he had his head under the car from 8-11pm replacing a major part on the car, saving us literally hundreds of pounds in labour costs.

However it doesn’t stop at fixing the cars.  In fact, on our wedding day, in our best man’s speech, Dan referred to the garden as being something like the set of scrapheap challenge, but that it was part and parcel of having a fixit husband. (Our garden doesn’t resemble scrapheap challenge but the garage does…)

Our home appliances are a mashed up collection of car boot finds; 50p boxes of computer guts that he somehow manages to reform into working laptops, and ebay bargains.

The broken television that he bought for £20, fixed for £50 and fixed it it back to the £1500 value it originally was…

We have a dishwasher that cost 99p (ebay!) that he fiddled with and has now been going strong for 4 years.

The £700 oven that he bought for £50 is also going strong, and far more attractive than our old one!

Fortunately he’s fairly stylish as far as appliances go, and a pretty savvy bargain hunter.  Everything matches and looks perfectly at home in our house.

But yesterday we received the piece de resistance that may just have pushed me too far.

A £700 industrial microwave he bought for £15 as broken from eBay.

Did he fix it? Yes. It took around 45 minutes to adjust the door catch *rolls eyes at seller*.

Does it ‘go’ with the rest of my kitchen?


is it ridiculously enormous and fit absolutely nowhere without losing most of my worktop space?


Do I love him for being a fantastic fixer and his declarations of love in the form of kitchen appliances, even if they are well placed but not always necessary?


Comments on: "Microwaves?" (2)

  1. Absolutely fantastic.Nice to see someone that values their partner whatever.

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