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Building a shop!

So yesterday I followed through on my decision to have an online outlet for my excess craft items.

Craft fayres around here are few and far between, and I didn’t want to craft items without an outlet in mind.

I’ve looked into etsy, but because my items are low priced, I’d pay too much commission to even break even let alone make enough profit to carry on crafting.

I have a moonfruit website for my makeup artist portfolio, and it is perhaps the easiest website template I’ve come across in my 11 years of owning websites.

I did look at a couple of websites that I use frequently http://www.marshmallowblends.co.uk and http://www.lovelysvintageemporium.com but the shop builders were too complicated for my little head!

I needed to go to moonfruit to renew my portfolio subscription anyway, and to my surprise, spotted that they now have automatic shop building templates!


So, in less than 2 hours, I had a shop up and running, able to accept payment for goods and a dozen items in it for sale!

No commission charges, just the standard hosting fee (minimal) and the usual PayPal fees.

Chuffed to bits with it, now just need to get products uploaded.

Only problem now is, I’m not keen on the name….

I want the name to reflect what the shop sells, but keep it short and snappy.

The items are ordinary household things, notebooks, post it notes, pencils, candles, matchboxes etc that have been pimped up to look pretty but still retain their original purpose.

Initial thoughts have been –

Pretty Functional
Pretty Functional Crafts
Sam’s Paperie

After that my brain goes to mush!

Love to hear your thoughts.

S x

Comments on: "Building a shop!" (4)

  1. How about Pretty Useful or Pretty Utilitarian?
    Deffo like the Pretty bit anyway x

  2. Heaven know’s what she would come up with!!! She’s going through a phase of making me squirm every time she comes out with something! Subtlety, not her strong point!!

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