I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Okay, so I’m a month after Christmas, but having just gone to Amazon and spotted a book they’d recommended, I’ve been prompted to write this.


I bought a Jane Green book called The Holiday back in November. As I started to read, I became more and more convinced that I’d previously read the book.

I hadn’t recognised the cover at all, or the the title, and upon reading the publishing details, realised it was a rerelease of a book from a few years back, with an up to date cover.

So yes, I had already read the book!

That really annoyed me, but today on Amazon I spotted the original as a recommendation based on the previous purchase of The Holiday. (Oh the irony!)

However what pushed me over the limit was that I instantly recognised the cover and title – This Christmas.


So apart from the new book having no info on the sale page stating that it’s a rerelease, having a totally different name and cover and the old edition having no product details at all (including a synopsis) had successfully been duped into thinking I was buying an unread book.

Cheesed off? Yes

Not good publishers of Jane Green books, not good.

Is it fair that the publishers can do this without making it obvious that it’s a rerelease?

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