I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

I adore the internet. It makes a massive world very much smaller. It has reacquainted me with old school and college friends. Introduced me to new friends and kept me in touch with close friends when the ties of motherhood may have otherwise severed those bonds.

I cherish each of those relationships, and am glad that I live in modern times.

And it’s these friendships that have encouraged me to make a go of my Pootles Papercraft new baby, and introduced me to some wonderful crafting artisans who are a long way down the road that I’m just stepping onto.

I call Pootles my baby because it is. I’ve loved and nurtured each product and like my own sons, would find it impossible to choose a favourite.

Like my children, if anyone criticised my creation, I’d be upset, however that would be where the similarities ended.

I’d take on the mantle of Mummy Tiger and tear strips off anyone who criticised my child, but I wouldn’t if someone decided they didn’t like something I’d made.

There is a reason for this post, I’m getting there….

Because I move in lots of different Internet circles, beauty, motherhood, craft etc, I sometimes stumble across things that cross the various divides.

It’s the classic follow a link which leads to another and another and another.

Last night I was watching YouTube videos on soap making. (Did you realise just how much work goes into making soaps? Wow, these people are seriously talented!)

Anyway, one link led to another and I started reading comments. I was shocked to see a viewer make a comment regarding the price of the soaps and the response from the YouTuber was to call her an Evil Bitch!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about loving your product and totally get how passionate crafters are about their products, but one wonders if the soap maker ought to distance themselves a little more?

I have yet to see the supplier of Asda bolognese sauce start calling individuals names, and damn, they’re getting a hell of a lot of criticism right now!

So this post it not about the soap maker, but more as a reminder to myself that while my paper products are my babies, there is a time when I’ll maybe have to come up against criticism and have to bite my lip.

Mummy Tiger to my children, but dignified head on for crafts.

Love to you all, your children and your creations.  Xx

Comments on: "Calling someone an Evil B!tch is poor business practice." (3)

  1. Yep, it’s definitely not a good idea to call your possible customers anything nasty, no matter how insulting. It’s also worth watching what you say on social networks too. I have four boys too.

    • I’ve said for years that on Facebook, people write a status thinking of a couple of particular people who would understand said status, forgetting about all the others on their friends list. Twitter, YouTube and the like are the same…

  2. Sam, what a strange thing to do (call them an evil bitch).. I think it’s really important to not use YT or Twitter to insult people.. this kind of thing can really escalate and it’s all on the record.. what you say and do on the internet never, ever goes away. In my view, it has a habit of biting you in the butt when you don’t expect it. Being on-line doesn’t give you a free for all to say what you like about whom, there are regulations and rules and if you escalate the issue, then all that went before you is record and proof. It’s a really silly thing to do. Hope your paper craft business is going well.. everything looks so lovely!! xx

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