I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

If you’re friendly with a crafter, of any industry, chances are that the word Washi has come on your radar.

But, you may not know what it is.

It is basically a decorative tape, very similar to removable masking tape, but with prettier finishes!

It’s movable, tearable, versatile and decorative!

I’ve decorated more things than I possibly should have in my house. A kitchen timer that had a loose fitting back got the washi touch and now looks gorgeous.

We have an integrated fridge, so we can’t stick the children’s pictures to it with magnets, but washi tape does the job without leaving marks or residue.

My favourite thing to do with washi is to decorate something plain and boring and make it unique.

Here’s a few things I’ve washified!


Bulldog clips


Colouring pencils


Colouring pencils and box


Tuna can, clothes pegs and candle holder


Tea lights


The inner pen of a regular biro

And if you’re after a place to buy, my friend Ruth has a craft shop on ebay, Fluff Pie (←clickable link!) and has a huge selection.  And the best postage rates in the UK!

Definitely get some washi, you’ll be amazed at how creative you can be, even if crafting isn’t really ‘your thing’…


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