I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

Strange Song Lyrics?

My boys do make me laugh.

Their interpretation of the world around them is an endless eye opener.

Jacob currently loves the Gangnam song. Drives me crackers personally, but it’s his favourite.

However, when he sings it to himself he gets the words a little wrong.

Instead of singing the line “sexy lady ooo gangnam style” (which would be wrong on all sorts of levels!) He sings “oooo its a daily, woopa Nanna style”

Makes me chuckle every time he sings it!


Building a shop!

So yesterday I followed through on my decision to have an online outlet for my excess craft items.

Craft fayres around here are few and far between, and I didn’t want to craft items without an outlet in mind.

I’ve looked into etsy, but because my items are low priced, I’d pay too much commission to even break even let alone make enough profit to carry on crafting.

I have a moonfruit website for my makeup artist portfolio, and it is perhaps the easiest website template I’ve come across in my 11 years of owning websites.

I did look at a couple of websites that I use frequently http://www.marshmallowblends.co.uk and http://www.lovelysvintageemporium.com but the shop builders were too complicated for my little head!

I needed to go to moonfruit to renew my portfolio subscription anyway, and to my surprise, spotted that they now have automatic shop building templates!


So, in less than 2 hours, I had a shop up and running, able to accept payment for goods and a dozen items in it for sale!

No commission charges, just the standard hosting fee (minimal) and the usual PayPal fees.

Chuffed to bits with it, now just need to get products uploaded.

Only problem now is, I’m not keen on the name….

I want the name to reflect what the shop sells, but keep it short and snappy.

The items are ordinary household things, notebooks, post it notes, pencils, candles, matchboxes etc that have been pimped up to look pretty but still retain their original purpose.

Initial thoughts have been –

Pretty Functional
Pretty Functional Crafts
Sam’s Paperie

After that my brain goes to mush!

Love to hear your thoughts.

S x


I’m very lucky that my husband is a man that can fix most things.

I don’t ever remember a time when we’ve needed to send a car in to the garage for anything other than a service or MOT.  If it needs work doing to it, he’ll do it himself.

Just last week, he had his head under the car from 8-11pm replacing a major part on the car, saving us literally hundreds of pounds in labour costs.

However it doesn’t stop at fixing the cars.  In fact, on our wedding day, in our best man’s speech, Dan referred to the garden as being something like the set of scrapheap challenge, but that it was part and parcel of having a fixit husband. (Our garden doesn’t resemble scrapheap challenge but the garage does…)

Our home appliances are a mashed up collection of car boot finds; 50p boxes of computer guts that he somehow manages to reform into working laptops, and ebay bargains.

The broken television that he bought for £20, fixed for £50 and fixed it it back to the £1500 value it originally was…

We have a dishwasher that cost 99p (ebay!) that he fiddled with and has now been going strong for 4 years.

The £700 oven that he bought for £50 is also going strong, and far more attractive than our old one!

Fortunately he’s fairly stylish as far as appliances go, and a pretty savvy bargain hunter.  Everything matches and looks perfectly at home in our house.

But yesterday we received the piece de resistance that may just have pushed me too far.

A £700 industrial microwave he bought for £15 as broken from eBay.

Did he fix it? Yes. It took around 45 minutes to adjust the door catch *rolls eyes at seller*.

Does it ‘go’ with the rest of my kitchen?


is it ridiculously enormous and fit absolutely nowhere without losing most of my worktop space?


Do I love him for being a fantastic fixer and his declarations of love in the form of kitchen appliances, even if they are well placed but not always necessary?


I adore vintage accessories.  I never knew this until Lovely opened her online store 2 years ago and since then, I’m there every week checking to see which new items are in stock.

I love the vintage clothes too, particularly the 70s clothes.  Probably because my Mum who is incredibly stylish was always fabulously attired in that era too.

Again, I didn’t know that I liked vintage clothes, until this fabulous website burst onto the scene!  In fact, I didn’t know I liked clothes at all, other than to cover nakedness!
It must have driven my Mum crazy having her only daughter not be even remotely interested in clothes….

Perhaps my button issue? Which leads me neatly onto why I’m a guest on the Lovely’s Vintage Emporium website this week.

I don’t like buttons.  Find out why here!

Lovely’s Vintage Emporium Blog


Did a little notebook embellishing this evening with my new Wellington Bear papers.

They’re small notepads, 4×3″ and perfect for this project.


Love the sentiment on this one.




Empty tuna can (washed of course!), bundle of wooden clothes pegs and a glass tea light holder. Genius!


I chose to add washi tape to my pegs to match the colour in my kitchen, but left natural, the pegs are still as rustic and attractive.

How cute is this little chap?


His name is Wellington; a scruffy well loved bear.

I can’t wait to get creating. I can see a range of notebooks, jotters, post it pouches and perhaps pencil holders.

Watch this space!