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Positive! Ali McNamara

Today’s positive is a new favourite author of mine, Ali McNamara.


She’s written only a few books, From Notting Hill With Love… Actually, Breakfast at Darcy’s and From Notting Hill to New York… Actually. But I’m certain there are many many more to come.

I have no shame in saying I love a feel good chick lit book. And Amazon’s suggestions are always good. It was there that I came across Ali’s first 2 books, and haven’t looked back.

However,  she’s not your average chick lit romance writer,  she has a rare ability to completely change her writing style for different books.


I don’t want to give away anything from the books, so my short synopses are that Notting Hill focuses on a girl with an obsession with movies, and the follow up New York focuses on her movie passion,  but in New York. 


Breakfast at Darcy’s is about a hip young professional girl who inherits a remote and uninhabitable island, but with strict clauses attached.

Both lead characters have vastly different personalities, and had I not known that Ali had written them both herself, I’d have thought that 2 different authors had penned them!

I waited excitedly for Ali’s 3rd book, which came out in November, and discovered that she’d been blogging her journey too!

So from North Wales, with Thanks Actually, Ali McNamara gets today’s positive review!

Her website and blog http://www.alimcnamara.co.uk/

Her Books http://www.alimcnamara.co.uk/books

Her Twitter link (she’s very approachable!) http://www.twitter.com/alimcnamara

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  1. I so miss reading. These books sound right up my street. x

    • Kindle app on your phone. One handed baby feeding, and reading. Kindle apps were made for mothers! You’d love Darcy, she’s a fab character!

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