I'm a Mother not a Martyr…

You know that feeling when someone tries to do one over on you and you get a sinking feeling inside.

This happened recently when trying to get hold of a rare games console for one of my boys for Christmas.

Seller states item in excellent condition.  I buy it now and pay immediately.  Only he’s put his PayPal details in wrong.

Not to worry says I, I’ll pay you direct. Knowing I’m covered by buyer protection policies and whatnot.

Console arrives.  Not in excellent condition.

In fact another seller on eBay has one in working condition but with far less surface damage and has listed it as ‘spares and repairs’ because it’s just a bit old and tatty looking.

So the email tennis starts.

I say it has severe damage to the screen,  he says it’s minor scratches.  I say he didn’t mention ANY scratches, he says I got a bargain.

I end up escalating a claim through eBay, but they say I’ve already had a refund (remember the messed up PayPal email address…) so eBay says tough.

PayPal however are more helpful and go in my favour and ask me to return item.

I do. At a cost of £7.50

Frustrating as he gets console back, and I’m out of pocket.

Using the special delivery method I can see that it’s delivered and signed for the next day, yet he refuses to click a button on PayPal to say that yes, he’s had it back, so I’m still out of pocket for the console cost.

2 days later I speak to PayPal who advise I need to wait another 36 hours, to a Saturday, and that they’ll start tracking for themselves.

We are now a month into the process….

Another day goes by and I notice that the console is back on eBay, so I quickly leave scathing negative feedback.

Funnily enough, he sells it, then it’s relisted.  I guess the new buyer noticed my feedback which accurately described the console which he still isn’t being honest about.

Eventually I go back to the phones and speak to PayPal again who, while I’m on the phone, track the package and refund me.

The next day I get a message from eBay saying the seller wants to cancel the sale with me and get his fees back…

Stuff that! He made me wait, I can play that game…

A week later, today, I get another one saying he’s complaining that I’m refusing to acknowledge I’ve had a refund.

So off to eBay I go.

Hmmm, I think I’ll close the case and deny him his fees back.


Well, eBay ruled in his favour in the beginning didn’t they, so…


*picks up coffee cup and smiles a little inside*

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